H&H E-Hook for T-Line

$ 80.00

If you have removed the mudguards of your Brompton T-Line, you will notice that the bike is unable to stand up straight when folded, because the hook is high and meant for use with mudguards.

H&H has come up with a shorter front hook for your T-Line, to be used when mudguards are removed.

  • Material: aluminium alloy
  • Weight: ≈16g
  • Made in Taiwan by H&H

Important note: Aftermarket parts and components have not been as rigorously tested as original Brompton parts, and as such are meant purely to improve the aesthetics of the bike. They may look good, and may be lighter in weight, but will never be as durable or robust as the original parts. We recommend customers to stick to original parts as much as possible to avoid any mechanical problems, and to install such modifications ONLY if you have some basic DIY skills to rectify issues that may occur every now and then.

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