BIKEfun Extender Bar (for Brompton P-/T-Line)

$ 150.00

Following BIKEfun’s very popular and successful Extender Bar for the classic or A-/C-Line Bromptons, they have now released a version that fits onto the P-Line or T-Line Bromptons!

As the original inventor of the Extender Bar for the A-/C-Line Bromptons, BIKEfun has taken the effort to design a new version for the P-Line or T-Line Brompton. This version fits perfectly onto the new Brompton advanced rear frame, and features a modification on both sides of the bar to enable the extended mode to be of the same width as that of the version for the A-/C-Line (because the width of the rear triangle on the P-/T-Line is narrower than the classic bikes). This enables it to be much more effective than all the other competing brands, and the folded bike is much more stable.

  • Suitable for P-Line or T-Line. Not suitable for A-Line, C-Line, or classic Bromptons.
  • CNC-machined out of aluminium alloy. Never ever worry about rust.
  • Special design on both sides to ensure that extended mode as wide as the classic version in order for the bike to be stable.
  • Lightweight at only 92g
  • Available in Black or Silver
  • Elegant, simple, and robust design
  • Designed by BIKEfun (not a copy of other brands!)
  • Made in Taiwan

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