Hummingbird Folding Bike (Single-Speed)

$ 5,990

Simplicity at its best, light, clean and quick. The single speed is the original Hummingbird.

The best design paired with the latest technology is what sets a Hummingbird Bike out from the pack.

Hummingbird frames are made out of carbon fibre, an advanced composite material used in aerospace and racing due to its high performance qualities in terms of weight, stiffness and vibration dampening.

Carbon fibre doesn’t just save weight, it can also be beautiful – proven by the immaculately laid Visual Carbon Edition frame. This option truly shows off the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into making each frame. Apart from the painstaking process of beautifully laying the taylored pieces of carbon cloth, each frame goes through a rigorous inspection process to achieve the Visual Carbon status.

The swingarms are machined from a solid billet of aluminium to keep the weight to a minimum and anodized to ensure a strong part with a long lasting finish. All Hummingbird Bike frames are hand built in England and are individually numbered.

Hummingbird’s lightweight wheels allow you to go faster with less effort. Stronger and faster accelerating than larger bicycle wheels. The use of 16 inch wheels also help reduce the overall length of the bike, making it compact and easier to transport while retaining the comfort of a full size bike.

The Hummingbird frameset design is a perfect synergy of form and function, aesthetics and technology, designed to be both robust and comfortable to ride. The hummlock, Hummingbird’s safety pin, makes the bike very easy to carry when folded and ensures all components lock together.

Hummingbird’s pivotal system allows you to fold your bike in less than five seconds – release the the wheel under the frame, drop the seat and clip the the handlebars under the swingarm. Beautifully simple.

Demo unit available for viewing in-store!

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