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Easy to reach into and grab what you need, with no zipper or buckle to deal with. Great for little errands to the supermarket or coffeeshop.

The semi-rigid frame keeps the bag open for you to drop o0bjects, then once on your bike or shoulder, the compartment opening is easily closed with straps.

  • Tote-style webbed straps for carrying on the shoulder.
  • Easy-to-pull closure to keep content safe.
  • Internal zipped pocket at 20 wide x 25 cm deep for small items.
  • Scotchlite reflective tape for security at night.
  • The lightweight internal frame allows the basket to stand up.
  • Compatible with all types of handlebars.

Capacity: 20 liters
Dimensions (mm): 400(w) x 300(h) x 200(d)

Front Carrier Block sold separately.

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