Brompton bikes in stock!

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Updated 22Sep19/1500h

WhatsApp to enquire or to reserve a Brompton in your favourite colour(s)!

Currently in-store and available for immediate collection/delivery:
H6R Raw Lacquer
M6L Black
M6L Flame Lacquer
M6L Racing Green
M6L Raw Lacquer
M6R Black
M6R Gloss Turkish Green (Black Edition 2019) – Reserved
M6R Hot Pink + Red
M6R Lagoon Blue + Lime Green
M6R Lagoon Blue + Tempest Blue
M6R Papyrus White
M6R Papyrus White + Black
M6R Racing Green
M6R Raw Lacquer
M6R Tempest Blue
S6R Lime Green
S6R Racing Green
S6R Tempest Blue

Available soon:
M6L Papyrus White
M6L Tempest Blue
S6R Papyrus White

All bikes sold are brand new, fitted with the Brompton Front Carrier Block, and with standard gearing, unless otherwise stated.

Acceptable payment modes: cash, PayNow, DBS Paylah, online bank transfer, Amex/NETS/Visa/Mastercard/Diners.